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Preserve the appearance and prevent your wood surfaces from accumulating dirt and other organic debris with professional exterior cleaning services.

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We can both agree that one of the best places to spend your free time is in your Backyard…

Whether you’re hosting guests, grilling BBQ for a picnic, or looking for a place to take afternoon naps, your backyard should be your oasis.

And being exposed to different activities means your deck is prone to various kinds of organic debris such as dust, pollen, and mold growth.

If not treated properly, this debris can give you a lot of headaches and become an eyesore.

Neglecting your deck or fence will not only ruin the look of it, but it will also decrease its lifespan from damage over time caused by algae buildup.

So the most logical step is to hire our professional wood cleaning company in Whitestown, Indiana.

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How Brighten Exterior Cleaning Services Can Help You
At Brighten Exterior Cleaning Services, we clean any surface without leaving a mess through versatile soft and power washing techniques.
When initiating a project, we use a pre-treating solution that breaks down algae, mold, and mildew to prevent them from growing and spreading.

After applying the solution, we then wash away them along with other contaminants with low-pressure washing.

We provide maintenance cleaning for wood decks to help maintain a clean appearance. 
Composite decking needs cleaning less often than wood but depending on the type and brand, it can accumulate dirt & other pollutants that can degrade its appearance. 

Looking for professional help in maintaining and cleaning your deck or fence?

Speak to one of our experts so we can create a tailored-fit solution to your deck cleaning needs.

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