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We have the expertise to effectively remove black staining on EIFS & Stucco panels on buildings of any size. Contact us today for a free consultation & quote.

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Many people use EIFS panels for the energy efficiency and design flexibility they provide.

While that is true, EIFS panels have more to offer than the mentioned benefits.

Aside from reducing your energy costs, these materials also have:

Plus the fact that it rarely needs paintworks makes it a great addition to your commercial space exterior.

But to maintain their efficiency, EIFS panels should be regularly washed with the proper equipment and expert knowledge.

Our low pressure, effective, and non-destructive cleaning of EIFS panels removes surface pollutants and gray, black, or green staining caused by organic growth build-up.

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How Brighten Exterior Cleaning Services Can Help You

Brighten Exterior Cleaning Services have the expertise to effectively remove black staining on EIFS panels on buildings of any size.
We approach every project with a safe yet efficient “pre-treating solution” that weakens both natural and organic contaminants for easier and faster operations.
After applying the solution, our specialists will wash away the surface pollutants with your property’s safety in mind through a low-pressure cleaning process.
In other words, we clean your entire commercial space without causing damage to your properties.
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