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Our professional team specializes in the chemical & mechanical cleaning of concrete surfaces including building exteriors, retaining walls, walkways, drive throughs, loading docks, enclosures, and containments.

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FACT: Your commercial space exterior, including the concrete, is one of the most important investments in your business.

Brighten Exterior Cleaning Services has the expertiseequipment, and experience to take on large commercial cleaning projects. We have saved our commercial clients thousands of dollars where cleaning was a better solution than repainting or replacing expensive exterior finish materials.
We take pride in educating our customers on cleaning options and methods to restore their buildings exterior to a like new appearance.
We can perform a full property inspection, provide test cleaning, and present your company, facility, or institution with a professional proposal, enabling you to make informed decisions about your options for exterior building maintenance. 

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Brighten Exterior Cleaning Services can clean your entire commercial space for a safer, cleaner environment for all.

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